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Our Junior and Senior Academy students attend core classes in Bible, Mathematics, Science, History, and English. Elective class options are Spanish, Art, Drama, Yearbook, Guitar, Graphic Arts, Videography, Apologetics, Physical Education, Athletic Performance, additional science, and Home Economics. Our Senior Academy students have additional opportunities to earn college credits through our partnership with Rio Salado, a Maricopa County Community College as well as our partnership with Colorado Christian University.



The Bible class at ACA is all about discipleship. We believe that the Bible is true, therefore, what it has to say is of the utmost importance as we learn to follow Jesus. Whether you are new to the faith, have been a Christian for a long time, or exploring who Jesus is, this is the perfect class. Each week students are led through three days of discussion on a biblical theme or text. Students also spend time each week reading from a book written by a Christian author, then answering questions as well as discussing the application of that week's materials. Besides reading and specific bible discussions, we occasionally play Bible trivia, do small group presentations, and other learning activities that help us learn to be ambassadors for Christ.



We utilize Saxon math curriculum, which is a teaching method for incremental learning of mathematics. Saxon utilizes a spiral method of teaching that involves teaching a new mathematical concept every lesson, while continually reviewing old concepts. This method allows us to teach each student mastery of each concept before moving on to the next. Each lesson consists of the following: mental math problems (only for math prior to Algebra I), new math concepts, practice problems specific to new concepts, and problems covering new and old concepts. Students are taught real-world applications, reasoning, and justification. Students will learn real-world problems for other subjects like physics and chemistry.


Our senior class is also required to take Dave Ramsey’s course, Foundations in Personal Finance. This allows our students to learn, practice, and apply important personal financial knowledge and skills to be used in life after high school.



The ACA science department offers a comprehensive array of science class offerings for all levels of science proficiency. General Science and Physical Science are available at the junior high level.  At the senior high level, General and Advanced Chemistry, General and Advanced Physics, General and Advanced Anatomy and Physiology, General Biology, and Nutritional Health are offered. All classes are lab-based and utilize STEM methodologies. Science classes are taught with the individualized instruction format with a Biblical, creation-based foundation.



ACA history students will learn about major world civilizations and their cultures, religions, government, and economic systems through the biblical worldview curriculum created by Bob Jones University Press. The junior high students learn World Studies and American Republic. The senior high students study Geography, World History, U.S. History, Government, and Economics, all through a biblical worldview using individualized instruction. The classroom experience is enriched with educational web links, games, fun projects, videos, maps, food, and music.



Students study and memorize Latin roots which are incorporated into vocabulary lessons that analyze words using those roots with examples from classical literature. The students read and write a variety of non-fiction essays, poems, and stories that incorporate their vocabulary words. The knowledge that is imparted enables students to speak and write with the goal of academic success, as well as future endeavors, while integrating Christ into every aspect of learning. Since reading comprehension is the foundation to all other learning, enlarging students’ vocabulary and understanding is emphasized in multiple areas: old and new “classic” literature books are dissected for understanding, focusing on vocabulary and application to life. Public speaking with clarity and confidence is coached through a speech contest.


Spanish (8th–12th Grade)

Our junior and senior academy Spanish courses utilize the Bob Jones University Spanish curriculum as a base for this individualized learning course. The curriculum assists students in building a vocabulary base while learning to incorporate Spanish grammar concepts and punctuation. Students put into practice their knowledge by completing both oral and written exercises and through memorization of dialogues and Bible verses provided in the text. In addition to the BJU text, students also expand their skills through translation and listening comprehension. They will read and translate children’s picture books and chapter books from Spanish to English and will complete listening comprehension exercises as they listen to Spanish praise and worship or educational songs. Game days, on which students may play games such as Spanish Scrabble or Jeopardy among others, allow them to put their skills into practice in a fun way. During this course, students will learn how to ask and answer questions and describe people and events. As vocabulary expands students can carry on basic to intermediate conversations and be able to understand and respond to what they hear.


Introduction to Art (7th-12th Grade)

Unlock creativity and gain confidence as an artist by Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. This course teaches the strategy and techniques for mastering the five basic fundamentals of art. Most assignments will be done in black and white using a variety of media such as pencil and charcoal. We will also do a unit on the history of art. Repeating students are given advanced assignments and techniques.

Advanced Art Exploration (9th-12th Grade)

Advanced Art Exploration is an exciting and enriching journey into the world of advanced artistic expression designed for high school students. This course builds upon the foundational skills acquired in previous art classes and encourages students to delve deeper into their creative potential. Through a combination of theoretical studies, practical projects, and critical analysis, students will refine their artistic abilities, develop a personal artistic voice, and gain exposure to a variety of advanced art techniques and mediums.


Drama (7th-12th Grade)

This is a year-long activity-orientated course designed to introduce students to the art of theater. Students will study theater history and character development, learn stage, technical, rehearsal terms, theater etiquette, and audition process, create and write material, as well as participate in individual and group performances. A play will be performed each semester, along with several in-school performances. Outside hours may be required prior to each production. Students are divided by junior and senior high school levels.


Guitar (7th-12th Grade)

Students will learn basic music theory and rhythm to set a solid foundation and introduction to guitar. In the first semester, students will focus on reading music and learning to play classical guitar.  During the second semester, they will focus on learning rhythm guitar and reading chord charts as they practice playing various worship songs. Grades will be derived from weekly, quarterly, and semester-based performances as well as weekly practice logs, class participation, and quizzes. 


Graphic Arts (9th-12th Grade)

This class will teach various concepts of graphic design and how to implement learned skills for everyday use. Students will learn to use entry-level graphic design software to produce projects that include graphic images, screen printing, newsletters, posters, stickers, business logos, and marketing materials. Pre-requisite requirement: Introduction to Art.

Visual Storytelling: Photography & Videography (9th-12th Grade)

Explore the captivating world of visual storytelling through the lens of a camera in this dynamic high school class. The Photography and Videography course is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of both still and moving imagery, equipping them with the skills to convey powerful narratives through the art of visual communication.


Apologetic and Worldview Studies (9th-12 Grade)

This course is an introduction to the most common worldviews of the World. Within these worldviews, you find the basic beliefs of all religions. It will be our goal through the year to discern the theology in each, comparing it to the Monotheism of Christianity. Using our knowledge of these worldviews we will then take up a defense for the gospel through systematic discourse. This course will give students a better understanding of the beliefs people have all around them and practical ways to discern what is truth.


Yearbook (10th-12th Grade)

Yearbook is a two-semester course that will cover the basics of reporting, photography, and layout design. Students will be required to attend school events both during and outside of normal school hours. Members of this class will use photo-editing software available through Yearbook Master. Students might also be involved in various PR roles, such as posting on the school’s Facebook and Instagram pages, writing in the weekly newsletter, and helping advertise school events. Yearbook is a great opportunity for students to try out photography and develop their writing skills in a fun but deadline-based environment.


Teaching Assistant (11th-12th Grade)

The purpose of the T.A. course is to train effective student leaders to facilitate classroom support. Students will focus on developing an increased sense of responsibility, improved school engagement, and the successful development of a thesis. The T.A. provides assistance to younger students academically, socially, and spiritually, with the supervision of the teacher. In order to be a Teacher’s Assistant, students must have a strong faith that is reflected in how they conduct themselves inside and outside of school, be a minimum of 2-grade levels above the subject they are assisting in, as well as maintain passing grades in their own studies.

Physical Education (7th-12th Grade)

Physical Education, (P.E.) is a fun and interactive course which aims to develop motor skills, knowledge of movement and safety, and review of basic principles in health and wellness. Classes are designed to be enjoyable and include various types of exercise including calisthenics, agility, and conditioning as well as recovery, mobility, and flexibility. Students will develop knowledge and skills in different sports such as volleyball, soccer, and basketball. The main objective of this course is to promote the student’s confidence and an understanding of the importance of adopting physical fitness into an overall healthy lifestyle that is pleasing to God.


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