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Our homeschool support classes for Primary and Elementary aged children are designed to assist homeschooling families in several areas. Homeschooled children attend a full day of classes on Tuesday and Thursday each week from 8:15am to 3:05 pm. Classes include Bible, Memlok and Bible Drills, Science, Pattern Blocks (Primary), DIME (Elementary), Composition that includes letters, essays, poetry and stories, Literature, Geography, Dacta (Primary) and Physical Education. At least once per week, homeschool students will participate in Science, Art, Spanish, Choir and Handbell (Elementary) classes.

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Students engage in a Bible verse memorization curriculum called Memlok. Students love Memlok due to the energetic pace that’s customized to their learning ability. After completion of each topic (i.e., verses that focus on Deity, Sovereignty, Joy etc.) students receive a certificate of completion. Students participate in Bible Drills where they are quizzed by their teacher on memorization of topics such as the Ten Commandments, ten plagues, and the disciples, etc. Every Tuesday and Thursday, the teacher and students have Bible time. A portion of Scripture is read and then questions are asked and discussed. The students write or draw in their Bible journals, depending on their individual abilities. Bible time concludes with prayer requests and a time of prayer.



Both primary and elementary homeschool students at ACA enjoy a rigorous, hands-on science curriculum. Our curriculum is creation based and each grade level is designed to ready the student for the next level. Topics studied include anatomy and physiology, astronomy, chemistry and physics. Each chapter includes many enjoyable experiments and projects.



We write many friendly letters, essays, reports, poetry, and short stories. Each spring we have a speech contest based on a research paper. Students learn how to write outlines and edit their writing. Throughout the year, the teacher continually encourages and teaches the students to improve their writing skills.



Students pick and read books from the Literature list provided. This list is age and ability appropriate, and choices are directed by the teacher. After completing each book, the student will either give the teacher an oral review or will write a book report. The goal is to show comprehension of the text read.


Pattern Blocks (Primary)

Pattern blocks are designed to build thinking skills. Students fill in designated shapes with directed geometric blocks. The curriculum builds on knowledge learned and challenges the students on each level. After each set is completed, students receive a certificate signifying their readiness to move to the next level.


DACTA (Primary)

DACTA is an ACA favorite in which the students and their team partner build a designated object or shape using LEGOS or wooden blocks. The goal of Dacta is to encourage building skills and critical thinking, all while learning to work as a team and having fun.


DIME (Elementary)

Our DIME program is designed to build thinking skills using geometry as well as enhance math and art skills. Students create specific patterns using geometric blocks. It is self-paced and requires manipulation of cube blocks to build increasingly difficult shapes. They are then taught to draw the 3d shapes.



Both our Primary and Elementary use a Geography Curriculum from Rand McNally: Know Geography. This curriculum is designed to help students master map skills by utilizing resources, such as an atlas, almanacs, encyclopedias, and globes, as well as gain a firm understanding of the world they live in. It is self-paced but moves quickly. The students play games and put together puzzle maps to further enhance their learning.


Spanish (Primary)

Primary Spanish students will utilize flashcards along with their Carson Dellosa Spanish workbooks to learn basic vocabulary such as numbers, feelings, family members, etc. They will also expand their listening skills in Spanish and learn new vocabulary by listening to stories read by the teacher or on CD as well as learn Spanish children’s songs.


Spanish (Elementary)

Elementary Spanish students will participate in Spanish class twice a week where they will learn basic questions, greetings and vocabulary. Each student will work learning vocabulary with flashcards and their Carson Dellosa Spanish books. Students will also expand their listening skills to the sounds of the Spanish language as they listen to stories in Spanish and try to translate them.

Our junior high and high school homeschool students are welcome to attend any of the classes that are offered to our full-time students.  The classes are listed on the Junior and Senior Academy description page. Our goal is to support homeschooling parents by providing high-level academic classes to enhance their education at home. 

Classes are attended Monday-Friday.

7th - 12th grade

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